Course Structure & Outline

Here are some things you will learn with HypnoBirthing:

  • How to assist, rather than resist your natural birthing instincts
  • How the fear, tension, pain cycle is created and how that can affect the uterus’ function
  • Understanding the stages of labor and the anatomy of birth
  • How the mind, thoughts, and emotions can influence the body’s reactions
  • Building trust with your birth partner and ways for your birth partner to support you in  labor
  • Techniques for instant and rapid self-relaxation
  • Massage techniques that release endorphins, enabling mom to feel even more relaxed during birthing
  • Different labor and birthing positions that can be beneficial and more comfortable for mom
  • Knowing how to respond if intervention is needed so you stay in full control of the situation…and much more!

In addition to the course, you and your birth partner will also receive:

  • A copy of the 4th Edition book HypnoBirthing®- The Mongan Method
  • Download of the Rainbow Relaxation track (the cornerstone of this program), and positive Birth Affirmations track
  • Course booklet of handouts and information. Including a Birth Preference outline, birth affirmations, birth guide and prompts for your birth partner to support you while in labor.
  •  Relaxation sessions in eliminating fears, and building birth confidence
  • Small class size (2-4 couples) for personal attention (private classes are also available)
  • Email and phone support with me

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