• How to assist, rather than resist your natural birthing instincts
  • Understanding the stages of labor and the anatomy of birth
  • Techniques for instant and rapid self-relaxation
  • How the mind, thoughts, and emotions can influence the body
  • Building trust with your partner so they know exactly how to help you when in labor

What is HypnoBirthing®?!

HypnoBirthing® – The Mongan Method is as much a philosophy as it is a technique. The method teaches you that, in the absence of fear and tension, or special medical circumstances, severe pain does not have to be an accompaniment of labor. You will gain an understanding of how the birthing muscles work in perfect harmony–as they were designed to–when your body is sufficiently relaxed and you trust birth. You will learn how to achieve this kind of relaxation, free of the resistance that fear creates, and you will learn to use your natural birthing instincts for a calm, serene and comfortable birth!


When a woman feels relaxed, safe and supported through childbirth there is a:

  • 50% reduction in the caesarean rate
  • 25% shorter labor
  • 60% reduction in epidural requests
  • 40% reduction in pitocin use
  • 30% reduction in analgesia use
  • 40% reduction in forceps delivery

Visit the HypnoBirthing Institute at to learn more!

“My husband and I had a wonderful experience taking hypnobirthing from Nadine. She did a great job introducing the Mongan Method and patiently walking us through the curriculum. She taught us that birth is a natural part of life that doesn’t need to be feared and taught us lots of relaxation and meditation techniques to use during labor. I cannot recommend her enough!”


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