When should I start my HypnoBirthing® classes?

You can begin the HypnoBirthing courses at any time in your pregnancy, but I recommend the best time to start is between 20 – 32 weeks. If you start your classes in the second trimester, it gives you more time to practice the techniques learned in class before birth, however, it is never too late to start! You will still find the classes beneficial to you as long as you complete them prior to going into labor. Many couples have started the course late in their pregnancy and have still find it beneficial to them. The childbirth education you will receive along with the techniques you will learn, will be valuable to you in the long term no matter what.

Why does my birth companion need to attend?

By coming with you to the classes, your birth companion can understand the tools and techniques you are learning. Your birth companion plays a vital role in your birth experience. I will be teaching them techniques and how assist you during pregnancy and birth, and also feel calm and confident during the birth.

It is not necessary for the birth companion to participate in all of the relaxation exercises if they do not desire, as long as they are 100% supportive of you and your practice. although, it is recommended, as the skills you will learn can be applied to many different areas of your life!

Will HypnoBirthing be useful to me if I decide not to have a natural childbirth or I require medical intervention?

Yes, Absolutely. Although HypnoBirthing is focused on a natural approach to labor, the tools and techniques you learn will be of use to you and your baby regardless of your birth experience. If medical intervention is required you will find yourself better able to remain calm and in control of your body, thoughts and emotions. You will also be more informed because of what you learn in class. Remember – the ultimate goal of Hypnobirthing is not a completely pain-free and picture-perfect ‘natural’ birth (although that is definitely possible!). It is to have a calmer, easier, more comfortable and enjoyable birth experience- where you feel in control!

Can HypnoBirthing be beneficial if I’m attempting a VBAC?

Most Definitely. As long as you have been cleared by your medical professional to attempt a VBAC you can absolutely use HypnoBirthing in this birth. Many women who’ve had a previous caesarean and are desiring a vaginal birth find the course very empowering and helpful in increasing their confidence levels, releasing fear and tension, and trusting their bodies.

How do I have a successful HypnoBirth?

Firstly, HypnoBirthing isn’t something you can “fail” at. But it is important to read your book, listen to the Rainbow Relaxation track and birth affirmation track and practice the techniques we learn in class. Having an open mind and being committed to practicing can help you achieve the birth experience you desire. It is important to attend all 5 classes (but I understand baby could decide to come) so you don’t miss anything important.

What should I bring?

Yourself, your birthing companion, a positive attitude and open mind, your HypnoBirthing® book (I will be giving that to you in our first session together), and if you are a note taker– feel free to bring along materials for that, but it’s definitely not required or expected. Please wear comfortable clothing and feel free to bring light snacks and water/beverage if you’d like.